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Rádunjárga Sarek Padjalanta Hiking Tour Sommarlappa to Tarraluoppal
Alesjaure   Kvikkjokk to Njunjes Tarraluoppal to Tuottar
Unna Allakas   Njunjes to Tarrekaise Tuottar to Staloluokta
Abisko   Tarrekaise to Sommarlappa  

The North of Sweden

Hiking Padjelanta National Park, July 2006 & July 2017

Padjelanta Sim1travels

This blog is about my hiking trip in Padjelanta National Park. I started the hike in Kvikkjokk and ended in Ritsem. I've devided up the total Padjelanta hiking trail in several pages, with specific part of the hiking trail: links are above

I enjoyed this National Park in the very north of Sweden so much that I actually hiked it twice: in 2006 and 2017. On the separate pages, for which you can find the link in the menu above, you can follow my hike from day to day.

List of Swedish National Parks

I do love visiting National Parks, and I've visited quite a few of them so far in Sweden. Hopefully some day I will have been to all of them! Below you can find an overview of all the Swedish National Parks:

Click on the names in the map below
to go to their destination pages.

Tyresta NP Ängsö NP Ängsö NP Abisko NP Abisko NP Sarek NP Tiveden NP Sarek NP Padjelanta NP Färnebofjärden National Park Färnebofjärden National Park Gotska Sandön National Park

Abisko, (2005, 2009)


Blå Jungfrun

Dalby Söderskog


Fulufjället, (2003)

Färnebofjärden, (2006)

Garphyttan, (2015)

Gotska Sandön, (2009)

Hamra, (2016)

Haparanda skärgård



Norra Kvill

Padjelanta, (2006, 2017)


Sarek, (2008)


Sonfjället, (2016)


Stora Sjöfallet, (2006, 2017)

Store Mosse


Tiveden, (2004, 2008 ,2018)


Tyresta, (2004)




Ängsö, (2006)

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