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Haga Park    
Tyresta National Park    
Ängsö National Park    

Stockholm Area

Area: City of Stockholm, Uppland, and the archipelago outside the provinces of Södermanland and Uppland.

Interesting points to see in the area are:

• Stockholm: Haga Park
  Gamla Stan and Riddarholmen
  Stockholm City and Östermalm

• Drottningholm

• The Stockholm Archipelago

• Sigtuna: old city with lots of historical background.

• Sko Kloster: one of the most popular castles with a huge collections of painting, furniture and arms. The latter is one of the largest in Europe.

• Tyresta National Park

• Ängsö National Park

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Drottningholm Tyresta NP Tyresta NP Drottningholm Ängsö NP
Stockholm area, Sweden

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